Residents of Nyazepetrovsk outraged by the party of children at the Eternal Flame

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    Residents of the city of Nyazepetrovsk (Chelyabinsk region) asked the police to deal with a group of teenagers who had a gathering near the Eternal Flame memorial. According to the townspeople, after the children’s party, garbage remained at the memorable place.

    “It’s a shame for such upbringing of children, the memory of our fathers and grandfathers is defiled, and there, probably, are the names of relatives who shed blood and gave their lives for their lives on earth. In connection with this disgusting act of the youth who fell into the camera lens, we are officially asking the mayor of the city to send a statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Nyazepetrovsky district to identify these individuals and bring them to justice, ”users write in the Overheard Nyazepetrovsk group, where the photo is posted six children sitting around the Eternal Flame.

    Some residents agreed that their parents should talk to the children. Another part did not find anything reprehensible in the gatherings, suggesting that the children simply decided to warm themselves in the evening.

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