Residents of Moldova queue for hours for firewood

The energy crisis in Europe has caused an increase in demand for firewood. Residents of Moldova stand in line for hours, but there is not enough raw material for everyone.

The cost of gas in the European Union increased by almost 9%. On the morning of August 11, the price per cubic meter of raw materials exceeded $2,200 and reached its maximum.

Europeans began to massively buy wood, preparing for a cold snap. Residents of Moldova stand in queues for hours. To provide all citizens with firewood for the winter, at least two million cubic meters are needed, but the state reserve does not contain even half of the required volume.

“They said that firewood would just be given to people, then why do sellers who are already doing a normal business get it? The authorities are to blame for this whole situation,” reports local resident Ion Cimortari. REN TV.

The man accused the state authorities of not fulfilling their duties. They just sit in their offices, waiting for their paychecks, and no one wants to work, Cimortar said.


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