Residents of East Germany support Russia’s special operation – German politician

Residents of the eastern and western regions of Germany assess the armed conflict in Ukraine differently – the majority of the inhabitants of the former GDR support the Russian military special operation.

About it in his guest column for the magazine Der Spiegel wrote on October 3 a German politician, representative of the Social Democratic Party of Germany on cultural policy Frank Richter.

He stated that in the eastern part of Germany, residents are much more likely to sympathize with Russia, and German flags are often flown next to the Russian tricolor. Similar cases also occur in the west of the country, but they are much more rare.

“There is no shortage of public demonstrations of sympathy for Moscow in the streets and squares in the East. German flags fly next to Russian ones. Cars with Ukrainian license plates are scratched, often the letter Z is carved on them,” Richter said.

In addition, people in the eastern regions of Germany do not support anti-Russian sanctions. For the most part, they are supporters of “German-Russian friendship”, which is similar to cooperation between the USSR and the GDR.

Richter explains such sentiments by the historical events associated with the unification of Germany, which many residents of the eastern lands still consider the annexation of the GDR by the FRG.

According to the auto material, this is the reason why people in the eastern territory feel like they lost the Cold War along with the Russians.

He added that after the reunification of Germany, entrepreneurs from the western part of the country carried out economic expansion in the territory of the former GDR under the pretext of “brotherly” feelings, which provoked economic difficulties for many residents of the eastern part.

As reported EADaily, the day before in the Saxon city of Zwickau (the former territory of the GDR) an action was held against the “energy policy” of the German federal government. Participants called for a change in the cabinet of ministers and a review of anti-Russian sanctions.

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