Representatives of the FNPR warned the Russians about cases of fraud on behalf of the trade union

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Complaints about calls from swindlers are increasingly coming from affiliates of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia. Posing as assistants to the trade union authorities, the criminals are trying to lure money from trade union leaders and activists.

According to the central trade union newspaper “Solidarity”, when calling the intended victim, the criminal says that he is calling on the instructions of one of the heads of the FNPR and asks to transfer money to the specified account. At the same time, to confirm the data, a fictitious telephone number of the head of the trade union center is given, which serves as an additional argument for the person who answered the call.

Trade union leaders and activists are always ready to support comrades and trade union organizations that find themselves in difficult circumstances, FNPR deputy chairman Alexander Shershukov said and added that such assistance is mandatory documented by resolutions of collegial trade union bodies.

The trade union leader urged his colleagues to be vigilant and not fall for the tricks of intruders. Any financial support should be specified and formalized properly, Shershukov stressed.


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