REO urged Muscovites to refuse to participate in the launch of balloons in honor of February 14

Denis Butsaev, director general of the Russian Ecological Operator company, called on Russians to boycott the shares on February 14, where a massive launch of balloons is expected. He explained that the polymers in the balloons would take four to a hundred years to decompose.

“All this time, microplastics will pollute the environment: soil, water, air. That is why the REO has repeatedly called for refusing to launch balloons at graduations and other events. Such actions, when organizers ignore harm for the sake of one minute of pleasure, are careless and unacceptable,” quotes his words TV channel “360”.

However, pollution is not the only problem. According to Butsaev, bright balls attract the attention of animals and often turn out to be “their food”, which subsequently leads to blockage of the esophagus and death of the animal.

Earlier, one of the largest shopping centers in Moscow announced a promotion dedicated to Valentine’s Day. The organizers have prepared a drop of 40,000 balloons in which gifts will be hidden. Experts calculated that with a minimum ball weight of two grams, the mass of waste from launched balls would be about 80 kg.


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