Relations between Russia and Poland: how they develop in 2023

Political scientist Mezhevich: there is no influence of Russia in Poland, it was invented to eliminate opponents

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Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party has submitted a bill to the Sejm to establish a commission to investigate “Russian influence” on the country’s internal affairs since 2007. The initiative was opposed by the opposition Civic Platform and its leader Donald Tusk. Critics said the ruling party would have a tool at its disposal that would allow it to retain power even if it loses the fall elections, using the image of Russia as a scarecrow to fight opponents.

Anti-Russian inquisition

The Commission for the Investigation of Russian Influence, which was proposed by the Law and Justice deputies, will receive unlimited power and will immediately take on the role of both the prosecutor and the judge.

Its member politicians will be able to remove officials for 10 years from positions involving the expenditure of public funds if they reveal their participation in “Russian interference” on domestic politics from 2007 to 2022.

During this time period, the country was ruled by Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (2007-20015) and Law and Justice parties, which remains in power to this day. Deputies of the ruling faction have repeatedly said that Tusk, before his transfer to work in the European Council, concluded many contracts for gas supplies that were beneficial for Russia.

In response, the opposition recalled that the current authorities have increased the supply of Russian coal, and are constantly quarreling with Germany, which leads to further disagreements in the European Union. The latter, in her opinion, should become united to confront Russia in the Ukrainian conflict.

The irony is that the creation of such a commission to check Russian influence was previously advocated by Donald Tusk himself. He recalled that before the 2015 elections, journalists got into the hands of records of conversations of government members that they had in cafes and restaurants. Some were very unrestrained in their speeches.

As a result of the scandal three ministers, the speaker of the Seimas and three deputy prime ministers lost their posts. At the same time, the Civic Platform party failed miserably in the elections, losing to Freedom and Justice.

According to Tusk, the recordings could get to journalists through his political opponents from the Russian special services. But as a result, the politician fell into his own trap, because now the commission can blame him.

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The search for the non-existent

There is no Russian influence in Poland, just like German. Caught between two major world players, the country began to resemble a madhouse without experienced medical personnel. Nikolai Mezhevich, President of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies, Doctor of Economics and Professor, stated this “360”.

Previously, when Poland was under the influence of Russia or Germany, it could reasonably assess its political and economic position in the world.

“Now Poland sees itself as a kind of country in which Russia and Germany should serve like goldfish on parcels from a crazy old woman – a classic Pushkin story,” Mezhevich said.

As an example, he cited another statement by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who again reminded Germany of reparations for World War II. The political scientist noted that the Bundestag again swallowed another boorish attack.

“Therefore, Tusk and his people are right in assuming that the commission will support the cannibals from Law and Justice in every possible way and attack supporters of at least some course correction,” Mezhevich said.

Even if the Civic Platform comes back to power in Poland, he concluded, there is no need to build illusions that attitudes towards Russia will somehow change.


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