Rehabilitation after rhinoplasty in the summer is complicated due to the active sun

The recovery process after rhinoplasty in different seasons differs due to weather conditions, which should also be taken into account when planning the operation. For example, due to the active sun, postoperative scars may appear. Plastic surgeon Ilyana Goncharova told about this in an interview with Life.

According to her, contrary to popular misconception, the cold autumn-winter period does not have a negative impact on the rehabilitation process after such an operation. Following the doctor’s recommendations, recovery is even easier than in spring or summer. In autumn and winter, a less active and more homely lifestyle has a positive effect on rehabilitation. In addition, this process can be completed during the New Year holidays, and then you will not have to take a vacation at work.

“Firstly, [осенью и зимой] there is no active exposure to sunlight, which can provoke the formation of postoperative scars. Low temperatures reduce the intensity of edema and bruising in the first days after surgery. said the doctor.

However, the winter period has disadvantages. For example, air humidity decreases due to the heating season. In this regard, when recovering from surgery, you will have to ensure that the nasal mucosa does not dry out, use air humidifiers or special medications. And in the autumn-winter period, there is a higher risk of getting the flu or SARS, and they put a strong burden on the immune system, which can complicate the rehabilitation process. Goncharova advised not to neglect prevention methods, take enough vitamins and dress warmly to avoid illness.

As for spring, this is a very popular time of the year for plastic surgery. The air temperature is optimal for rehabilitation: there is no such strong cold and heat. But summer is a traditional vacation period that can be used to recover from surgery. But even in these seasons, not everyone can do rhinoplasty. Refrain from those who are allergic to plant pollen. It is better to choose a different time of the year or consult a doctor about how to minimize the effects of such a disease.

“Active solar radiation is another unfavorable factor. Prolonged exposure to the sun complicates the healing process of tissues and can lead to scarring, provoke increased swelling and even bleeding. Therefore, in the hot season, you should limit your exposure to the open air and use special sunscreens,” — explained Goncharova.

It is also worth refusing to swim in natural reservoirs or pools to avoid the risks of tissue infection. Thus, the doctor emphasized, the best time for rhinoplasty is the one that best suits your lifestyle and health characteristics.

“Choose the time when you are fully prepared for the operation and are confident of success. For other nuances, you can always consult with your plastic surgeon,” added specialist.


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