You can start saving today to beat inflation and meet your big goals.

If you are not in the habit of investing, invest because, in this era of inflation, the waist is going to break further. You can also plan for your retirement. The National Pension Scheme is the best option for such people. The Central Government had started it in the year 2009 keeping in view all the employees.

Under this scheme, government employees, as well as private-sector employees, will be able to avail the benefits. Know that after retirement employees can withdraw a portion (60 percent) of NPS and from the remaining amount can take annuity for regular income retirement. However, if you have an emergency before retirement, you can withdraw money under certain conditions.

Rules for withdrawing money from NPS

  • After 3 years you can withdraw partial money from NPS.
  • After 10 years you can stop investing in NPS.
  • Withdraw full money from NPS at age 60.

Withdraw money on these terms

Withdraw some money from the account after 3 years of opening an NPS account.
The investor can withdraw only 25% of his contribution from NPS. To withdraw money, the calculation will be done only on the amount contributed.

Money can be withdrawn from NPS for things like treatment of diseases, the marriage of children, and education.
The partial amount can be deducted only 3 times. There should be a gap of 5 years between two withdrawals.
There is no 5-year time limit for withdrawal in case of illness

These documents are required to withdraw money from NPS

Photocopy of PAN card

  • Canceled check
  • Receipt of the amount received from NPS
  • Address and ID proof


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