Real Nazis: Russian volunteers fight for Ukraine

In an interview by Deutsche Welle’s Russian channel with fighters from the Russian Volunteer Corps, it becomes clear that these are fascists. Nevertheless, the German journalists respect their attack on the Russian border town of Belgorod.

The Russian-language channel Deutsche Welle (DW) published a video about the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps RDK, which together with the Freedom Legion of Russia is responsible for the raid on the Russian city of Belgorod near the border.

The Russian Volunteer Corps is made up of Russian citizens with military experience fighting on the side of Ukraine. This organization is understandably banned in Russia and membership is prosecuted. Parts of the corps were originally attached to the fascist battalion Azov. The RDK as a whole now reports directly to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.

The total number of Russian citizens fighting for Ukraine is quite manageable. As far as we know, it is only in the three-digit range. Nevertheless, the German mainstream media stylized these fighters into a notable “resistance movement”.

Russia beats sabotage squads in Belgorod - Ukraine denies involvement in attacks

Russia beats sabotage squads in Belgorod – Ukraine denies involvement in attacks

The video published on YouTube by the state German foreign broadcaster German wave shows interviews with individual fighters, but carefully and completely conceals their neo-Nazi background. It is part of a comprehensive campaign by all whitewashers, which also includes this Editorial Network Germany (RND) is involved.

That’s how it writes RND full of respect:

“It is a humiliation for Russian President Vladimir Putin by his own citizens – and it comes from Ukraine of all places: Two Russian groups fighting on the side of the government in Kiev have claimed responsibility for the attacks in the Russian region of Belgorod. (. ..) The signal: not only does Putin fail to win in Ukraine, he can’t even protect his own country’s borders.”

But during that RND at least marginally informed about the neo-Nazi background of the Russian volunteer corps, the contribution, which is aimed at a Russian audience, does not mention the Deutsche Welle this information completely.

The German wave interviews, among others, the deputy commander of the volunteer corps, who calls himself Alexander Fortuna.

Terrorist organization "Ukraine" and its sponsors


Terrorist organization “Ukraine” and its sponsors

In the interview that RND had already led in March, he describes himself as a right-wing conservative but denies any neo-Nazi sentiment. However, the commander of the volunteer corps, Denis Kapustin, who was also active with right-wing hooligans in Germany in addition to the neo-Nazi scene, was even expelled from Germany and given an entry ban for the entire Schengen area. He is considered openly fascist in the West.

Also in the interview with the Deutsche Welle The statements made by Alexander Fortuna are not to be classified as “only right-wing conservatives”, but ideologically they clearly follow the ideas of the Nazis in their General Plan East with regard to the complete extermination of the Soviet Union.

Admission to the corps proceeds in several stages, as with the DW meticulously explained, and a security check is also part of it. Fortuna then explains that the applicants should not be interested in money, adventure and the like, but exclusively in the matter itself.

“We need motivated people. People who know what this is about, who want to do what there is to do here. We need idealists who understand that it’s not about money, it’s not about Ukrainian citizenship. We need people to come and fight, and we’re fighting this stuff that’s coming out of the East.”

This is the inhumane language on the traces of Nazi-German racial madness.

This task consists first of all in the fight for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but goes even further, Fortuna then explains. The aim is the creation of a demilitarized zone on Russian territory – to protect Ukraine from attacks – the establishment of a tribunal for Russian crimes and finally reparations from Russia. The next step would then be to dismantle the Russian government and ultimately the entire statehood of Russia.

West punishes Zelensky for attacking Belgorod region


West punishes Zelensky for attacking Belgorod region

The contribution of Deutsche Welle illustrates the fascist attitude of these fighters of the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps. Fortuna’s statements also show that Russia’s concerns that the West intends to destroy Russia as a state and thus relaunch Nazi Germany’s plans are all too justified.

Against the background of the hate messages, the propagated enthusiasm of leading German media for these fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps is irritating. The openly displayed right-wing attitude cannot be denied. Today’s tolerance of the German media mainstream towards fascist ideas is disgraceful. It is paving the way for another uneasy alliance with extremists to push through Western geopolitical goals. After German journalists had already discovered “moderate rebels” in Syria, some representatives now seem to be on the verge of fantasizing about the existence of “moderate fascists”.

That the German wave as a state-owned German foreign broadcaster, which is also accountable to the German Bundestag with its program, unabashedly and openly granting such fascist positions ample space and contributing to their dissemination, will not go unnoticed in Russia and with the correct classification of the Federal Republic of Germany in the current epoch help.

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