RBC: the volume of transactions with euro and dollars in the Moscow exchange market decreased by 20 times

The share of the euro and the dollar in trading on the money market of the Moscow Exchange has fallen from 20% to less than 1% since the end of February. This was told to RBC by the director of the money market department of the site Sergey Titov. According to him, due to the loss of these currencies, the share of rubles increased to 94%.

“At the beginning of the year, about 80% of trading volumes and open positions were in rubles, the currency component accounted for about 20%. After February 24, the share of foreign exchange transactions immediately began to decline, and today the share of the dollar and the euro in the total volume of money market transactions is less than 1%,” Mr. Titov said.

The interlocutor of the publication clarified that the decline in the volume of the dollar and the euro in the money market led to an increase in the share of rubles, another 5% falls on the yuan. Nevertheless, the full replacement of dollars and euros has not yet happened, however, market participants are “very actively shifting,” Mr. Titov noted.

The changes also affected the structure of money market participants. Sergey Titov noted that about 8-10% of foreigners who entered it through Russian professional participants left the market. Currently, the share of foreigners who have left is replaced by Russian players, who are increasing their positions and activity, Mr. Titov emphasized. According to him, this process is most noticeable in deposits with a central counterparty, where the volume of open positions increased by 40-45%.

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Milena Kostereva


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