Rapper Syava starred in an advertisement for Perm delivery restaurants. Screen

Tanuki restaurant.  Yekaterinburg, sushi, Chinese chopsticks, rolls, chopsticks, tanuki

Permian musician Vyacheslav Khakhalkin, known under the pseudonym Reper Syava, starred in an advertisement for Perm restaurants delivering rolls and pizza “Kaif Delivery”. The filming process from the side was shown by the founder of delivery and its franchises throughout the country Denis Seleznev in his social networks.

“Why exactly Syava? Because we were born together in Perm: bright and original. Both of us were not afraid of our identity and declared ourselves to the whole of Russia,” Denis Seleznev told URA.RU.

Denis Seleznev posted a small excerpt from the video of the future advertisement on his social networks. On it – Rapper Syava eats rolls and shows approval with certain facial expressions. Where exactly the video ad will be placed and when it will be released is still unknown.

Earlier, URA.RU talked about other advertisements for these restaurants. The essence of the action: the larger the breasts of a woman, the greater the discount you can get when picking up an order.

Rapper Syava “gets high” from “Delivery of high”


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