Rapper Ptakh called ex-deputy Nosov a “fool” who demanded to open a criminal case against him

March 22, 2023, 01:38

Rapper Ptakh called ex-deputy Nosov a “clown” for his proposal to condemn the musician

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Rapper Ptakh (real name David Nuriev) called ex-deputy Nosov a “fool” and a “clown”, who demanded that the musician be prosecuted for discrediting the Russian army after his video joke from the NVO zone. The comment from the artist took the Telegram channel Shot.

Two weeks ago, Nuriev made his fans worry. He went to the DPR, where he allegedly came under fire. The latest video from his phone appeared on the Web, in which shots from machine guns sounded. The artist did not get in touch for almost a day.

But later it became known that Ptah specially arranged such a prank. He explained his act with a desire to show how Ukrainian propaganda works and removes fakes.

After that, Nosov wrote a statement against him to the Prosecutor General’s Office. He demanded that the musician be charged with discrediting the Russian Armed Forces. Ptakha said to this that Nosov was a “fool” and a “clown”, and that he did not understand how everything worked on the front line.

“He does not understand that if we are in Donetsk in a training ground with machine guns and bulletproof vests, then we are not alone there. This means that there are people there, which means that this is agreed with the locals. We can’t just come to Donetsk, take a machine gun and start shooting anything,” he said.

The artist also added that he plans many more trips to the DPR, where he will shoot many provocative videos.


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