Rapper Kanye West openly declared sympathy for Adolf Hitler

American rapper Kanye West, amid accusations of anti-Semitism, has publicly stated that he sympathizes with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. He said this on the air of the InfoWars show.

“I also see the good in Hitler. I love everyone and Jews can’t tell me, ‘You can love us, you can love what we do to you through contracts, you can love what we promote through pornography. “… It is not allowed to openly say that this person did something good, and I’m sick of it. Every human being has something of value that he brings to the world,” West said.

The performer also called Hitler “the guy who invented the highway and that very microphone,” which the rapper uses as a musician. A few hours after this announcement, the Axios portal informed about Kanye’s refusal to acquire the Parler social network.


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