Home News Rapper Kanye West openly admitted his sympathy for Hitler

Rapper Kanye West openly admitted his sympathy for Hitler


West says he ‘sees the good’ in Nazi dictator Hitler

Confession of his sympathy for the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler did the rapper Kanye West against the backdrop of his scandalous anti-Semitic statements. West made the corresponding statement on December 1 on the air of the InfoWars program.

Kanye West

Kanye West


The rapper said that he “sees the good in Hitler” and believes that every person brings something valuable to the world, “Especially Hitler.” The rapper called Hitler the inventor of high-speed roads and the microphone, and also noted that the head of Nazi Germany was a Christian.

In addition, West indicated that it was time to stop using the word “evil” in relation to the Nazis.

Recall that over the past few months, the rapper has constantly attracted close attention of the press to his person because of anti-Semitic statements. As a result, a number of major brands refused to cooperate with West.

Previously IA REGNUM reported that the former President of the United States Donald Trump came under fire for his recent encounter with extreme rapper Kanye West.

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