Two girls residing in Delhi Cantt area have lodged a complaint of intimidation and rape with them. The victims are sisters and both are in the age group of 20-22 years. The police have registered a rape report and are seriously investigating the matter.

New Delhi: In Delhi Cantt police station area, two real sisters have accused themselves of being raped. The sisters allege that they were taken inside a crematorium by intimidation. Where the incident of rape was carried out by misbehaving with them in the crematorium premises. On receiving the complaint, the police arrested two accused. Investigation is being done.

South-West District Police says that two accused have been arrested. Both the accused are said to be in government uniform. Police say that a case of rape has been registered, not of gangrape. However, the police are not talking very openly. But sources say that the incident happened late on Saturday night. When the incident of rape with both the real sisters was carried out. Sources said that the age of the victims sisters are around 20-22 years. Both are residents of Cantt area.

Police say that two constables also ran after the accused when the girls raised their noise. At that time the accused fled. But later he was caught. Police say that 164 statements of both the victim sisters will also be made before the magistrate. Not much information has been received from the police about the accused.

But sources say that the police is seriously investigating all the allegations leveled by the victim sisters, so that it can also be ensured that the rape happened inside or outside the cremation ground. Sources say that since the matter is related to the rape of two real sisters, in such a situation, the police is taking the investigation very seriously. It is said that the cremation ground mentioned by the victim falls near Sagarpur in Delhi Cantt police station area. It has been told in the allegation that at the place where the wood is kept in the cremation ground, the incident of rape was carried out with him. Police is also investigating whether the CCTV cameras installed nearby can also get some information about this incident, so that the picture can be more clear.



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