Ramil stopped the concert in Yekaterinburg due to the silence in the hall


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    Singer Ramil Alimov, better known as Ramil, stopped his performance in Yekaterinburg at the Summer fest due to silence in the hall. The singer announced this from the stage.

    “Stop, stop. Guys [барабанщики]we don’t play. You know, that won’t work. I am a very principled type, and I didn’t come here to guard the corn either! So let’s at least smile a little, ”said the artist.

    After that, he continued to perform under the stormy support of the audience. And at the end of the song, he praised the Sverdlovsk residents for their return.

    Earlier, URA.RU reported that a major music festival was being held at the Ekaterinburg-EXPO IEC in Yekaterinburg. The event will take place over two days: 6 and 7 August.

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