Ram katha in Jabalpur: Shriram took food only after feeding the saints: Munishree Pranamya Sagar

Jabalpur, Barela, Naiduniya Representative. During the exile Lord Shriram, Sita Mata and Lakshmana Dandak were spending their time in the forest. There he had consumed the same substances for the arrangement of his food, which are edible or edible. He never killed wild animals for his livelihood. Munishree told that it has come in Manusmriti that walking by looking at the ground and drinking water after filtering it with a cloth. Shri Ram Prabhu used to take food only after giving food to the saints before his meal in the forest.

Therefore, taking inspiration from his life, everyone should take food only after giving food to the sage. The said Udyar Arh Yoga pioneer Munishree Pranamya Sagar Maharaj expressed on the fifth day of ‘Kaushalya’s Nandan Ram Katha’.

It may be noted that the city migration of Arham Yoga pioneer Munishree Pranamya Sagar and Munishree Chandra Sagar Maharaj, disciple of national saint Acharyashree Vidyasagar Maharaj, is going on, under which, for the first time in the history of the city of Dharma, the 11-day musical Shri Ram Katha is being recited from the mouth of Arham Yogi Munishree. Used to be. Before the Katha, Acharyashree and Munidwaya were worshiped with Ashta Dravya. The devotees of Ram offered Shrifal to Munishree. Munishree discussed various incidents happening in the forest with Shriram, Lakshmana and Sita Mata.

For the first time in the city such an event has created an atmosphere of joy in the society. Arham meditation is also being done by Munishree at the end of Pratind Katha for the purification of mind, speech and body. Guru Bhakti and Antarguj program is going on from 5:30 pm. All the devotees are taking advantage of the story. After the Katha, arrangements have been made by the committee for distribution of Prasad and food for the devotees who have come from outside. The office bearers of Sakal Jain Samaj have appealed to all the devotees to be present and get the benefits of religion.

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