Raid on the hooligan scene in the Ore Mountains – suspected formation of a criminal organization

The starting point was an investigation by the Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office. Several arrest warrants and search warrants were executed. It is about a group called “Strong Youth”, with a total of 34 suspects aged 17 to 23.

The announcement about the raid on the morning of May 31, 2023 is entitled on the website of the federal state of Saxony: “Executive measures due to the alleged education and membership in a criminal organization”. The accused are accused of having committed attacks on members of other football clubs and on police officers.

The investigating officers used the so-called “Soko Rex” from the Saxony State Criminal Police Office to search several objects in the Ore Mountains for five of the 34 suspects. It is currently not known in which locations the searches took place. Three suspects were arrested, it said. According to the investigation, the group operating under the name “Starke Jugend” is an integral part of the local football club FC Erzgebirge Aue and, according to information from the state of Saxony, is “made up of ultras and hooligans”. The notification goes on to say:

“According to previous investigations, the aim of the group was to commit violent crimes, in particular physical injuries and robbery offenses against supporters of other football clubs, as well as acts of resistance against police officers as state representatives.”

“Four of the five people affected by the searches had also appeared in the past with right-wing extremist crimes such as incitement to hatred and the use of signs of unconstitutional organizations,” explained LKA spokesman Kay Anders, according to the broadcaster MDR. The investigations of the Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office and the
State Criminal Police Office of Saxony are still ongoing.

The house searches today coincide with the date when the court judgment in Dresden in the case of left-wing extremist Lena E. and three fellow campaigners was made. These are said to have carried out life-threatening attacks on right-wing opponents as a group.

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