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Chief Rabbi of Safed and member of the Council of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Shmuel Eliahu spoke about the causes of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. This is reported by orientalist Maria Kicha.

Eliagu stated:

“The earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria is divine justice and is like the sinking of the pharaoh and his army. There is no doubt that anyone who saw the Egyptians drowning in the sea and did not remember the whole story from beginning to end, felt very sorry for them and tried to save them from drowning.

EADaily recalls that the former mayor of Ankara Melih Gokcekin turn, put forward a version that the devastating earthquake in Turkey was “the work of the United States and Israel”:

“Turkey survived an attempted coup. Turkey can no longer be destroyed by a coup. They have new methods. This is a game of international powers. Foreign seismic research ship in Marmara, American and Israeli ships must not roam openly.”

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