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Putin’s energy strike led to the collapse of the ratings of European politicians – WSJ


The energy policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin has dealt a blow to the most painful place for European leaders – the number of votes that the population will potentially cast for them in elections. This was written by The Wall Street Journal, reports today, June 19, TASS.

According to the newspaper, elections in leading European countries are scheduled closer to winter, when the lack of Russian gas in homes and businesses will be felt most acutely. In Germany, highly dependent on gas supplies from Russia, the first vote will take place in October. At this time, regional elections will be held in Lower Saxony. Italy, which is also a major importer of Russian gas, will vote in national elections in the middle of next year.

The publication notes that the leadership of European countries in an attempt to mitigate the price shock to the population has already been forced to increase spending. President of France Emmanuel Macron sent an additional $28 billion to curb gas, electricity and gasoline prices. True, according to the leader of the “New People’s Ecological and Social Union” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, This is not enough. He advocates the introduction of long-term mechanisms that will also affect essential goods. France is not alone in this situation, however. The same is happening in Germany, Greece and Italy.

According to the publication, Macron will appear before voters on Sunday, when the final round of elections to the National Assembly will take place in France (the first round took place on June 12). Presidential bloc “Together!” received 25.75% of the vote in the first round and is almost on a par with the opposition New People’s Ecological and Social Union, for which 25.66% of voters voted.

The exchange price of gas in Europe on December 21, 2021 for the first time in history exceeded the mark of $ 2,000 per thousand cubic meters amid the onset of cold weather and abnormally low reserves in European UGS facilities, and on March 7, 2022, reached almost $ 3,900 per 1 thousand cubic meters m. In recent days, the cost fluctuates between $ 1,000-1,300 per 1 thousand cubic meters. m.


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