Putin’s appeal to the Federal Assembly affected the ruble exchange rate

prt scr vk.com |  Federal News Agency
prt scr vk.com | Federal News Agency

The ruble exchange rate slowed down the decline against the dollar after the start of circulation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly.

On February 21, the ruble slowed its decline against the dollar and began to strengthen against the euro.

Today, during his speech, Vladimir Putin said that, despite the imposition of sanctions, the Russian economy is standing firm and is proving to be stronger than Western countries expected. The Russian economy was able to overcome the risks. He also noted that Russia’s current task is to bring the economy to new frontiers.

Putin added that now Russia is going to expand its foreign economic relations and build new logistics corridors that will help develop and grow in its new cycle. The President also predicted breakthroughs in many areas, contrary to the expectations of analysts, which were announced a year ago, when the first sanctions were introduced.


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