Putin urged to build transport corridors to Iran and India as soon as possible

Putin: all countries agree to build the Dagestan-Azerbaijan-Iran route

The route from Dagestan to Iran through the territory of Azerbaijan should be built as soon as possible, it will always be in demand, as well as the North-South transport project through Iran to India. About this the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said on March 16 at the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) in Moscow.

According to Putin, all countries agree to build the Dagestan-Azerbaijan-Iran route, even in the face of complex “geopolitical alignments” and contradictions.

“Everyone agrees with the need to build this route,” the Russian leader said.

He added that now it is necessary to determine the pace of construction and the final sources of funding.

The Russian leader also called on entrepreneurs to allocate funds for the construction of the North-South corridor, which should provide a transport link between Russia and India through Iran.

This is a good, promising and marginal project, we should think about it. The new route is an alternative to the way to the Persian Gulf through the Suez Canal, it will be in demand regardless of the conduct of the Russian military special operation, the President noted.


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