Putin: the West is irrational in the matter of the grain deal, it does not care about other people’s interests


Разгрузка украинского зерна с баржи в черноморском порту Констанца, Румыния -  1920, 30.07.2023

The West “didn’t give a damn” about the interests of countries in need, and the supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets is a cover, the money was received by traders who “got it right,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

according to the president, everything else, including those related to the supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets, is just a cover.

“But this is doubly immoral. And who received the main money from the supply of Ukrainian grain? Who? Large trading companies. They welded properly, because they took at a discount, bought. And sold at a more or less normal price to prosperous countries. And here the interests of the starving peoples? Yes, there is nothing in common, “Putin said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the article “Russia and Africa: Joining Forces for Peace, Progress and a Successful Future,” said that even the gratuitous transfer of mineral fertilizers by Russia to needy, poorest countries is hindered. According to him, out of 262,000 tons of products blocked in European ports, only two batches were sent: 20,000 tons to Malawi and 34,000 to Kenya.
The grain deal ceased on July 18, the Russian Federation notified Turkey, Ukraine and the UN of its objection to its extension.

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously noted that the terms of the deal with Russia were not kept, despite the efforts of the UN, because Western countries were not going to keep their promises. Putin has repeatedly pointed out that the West exported most of the Ukrainian grain to their states, and the main goal of the deal – the supply of grain to needy countries, including African ones – was never realized.

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