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Putin thanked the doctors for saving the Russian military


Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked military doctors for their selfless work to save the lives of participants in a special military operation in Ukraine.

The head of state said words of gratitude on June 18 via video link during the opening ceremony of medical centers in the regions of Russia.

“I would like to especially appeal to military doctors, paramedics, nurses, junior medical personnel … who sometimes, sacrificing themselves, provide medical assistance under shelling, on the front line. A deep bow to you for the saved lives of our comrades-in-arms who are taking part in a special military operation, ”the president said.

In addition, Vladimir Putin, while addressing doctors on the eve of their professional holiday, said that the absolute priority now is to update the primary health care system in the country.

“An effective, modern healthcare system is essential for saving the people of Russia, so we are constantly building up the potential of medical institutions, supporting our scientists, leading scientific and practical centers, industry in creating advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, modern medical equipment and equipment,” said head of state.

Putin expressed gratitude to the entire medical community of the country “for the valiant selfless work, for loyalty to the best traditions of many generations of doctors, paramedics, nurses.”

As noted on the Kremlin websiteToday, June 18, Putin opened 19 new medical facilities across the country.

As reported EADaily earlier Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is the decision of a sovereign country, all the tasks set will be solved.


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