Putin supported the idea of ​​banning the term “infogypsies” on television and in the media

President Vladimir Putin agreed with the arguments about the need to ban the term “infogypsies” in relation to marathon bloggers like Elena Blinovskaya, who make money from nothing. This was discussed on Friday during the meeting of the Council for Interethnic Relations. One of the participants in the meeting, the head of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Russian Gypsies, Nadezhda Demeter, complained to the Russian leader that this term has a negative meaning in society, is endowed with a disparaging meaning, and this greatly offends real Gypsies who live in the countries.

“This term has already become popular, it is used by civil servants and even on the central channels of radio and television. This practice has been developed and in new terms – “crypto gypsies”, “aviation gypsies” – they mean beggars at airports, ” – explained the Russian historian, specialist in the field of ethnography and history of the Roma Nadezhda Demeter.

In the end, the Russian language is so rich and so beautiful that synonyms for the term “infogypsies” can be easily found, the participant of the meeting added. And Vladimir Putin supported this position.

“I completely agree with you. Of course, it is not easy to influence the blogosphere, but this must be done with respect to the state-owned media. We will try to do everything to prevent xenophobia,” — said the head of state.


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