Putin said that he personally shares the pain of mothers who lost their sons during the SVO

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that he personally shares the pain of all mothers who lost their sons during a special military operation in Ukraine.

As the head of state noted, the mood of mothers of military personnel participating in the NWO on the eve of Mother’s Day is not festive, but rather associated with feelings of anxiety and care, because for a mother, a son, regardless of his age, is always a child.

For those who are here who have lost a son, it is connected with the thought of this tragedy. I don’t dare to say formal things related to condolences, but I will say that I, the entire leadership of the country share this pain. We understand that nothing can replace the loss of a child, a son. Especially for the mother, whom we owe everything to the birth, who bore him, fed him“, – Putin said during a meeting with mothers of NWO participants.


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