Putin said that before the creation of the Ukrainian SSR, “there was no Ukraine” in history

Valery Zorkin and Vladimir Putin.
© kremlin.ru

Before the creation of the Ukrainian SSR, there was no Ukraine in the history of mankind. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin during a working meeting with Chairman of the Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin. A video recording of the meeting is available on the Kremlin’s Telegram channel.

In a conversation with the head of state, Zorkin said that the Constitutional Court (CC) found a copy of a 17th-century map drawn up under Louis XIV, on which, according to the head of the CC, there is no Ukraine. “There is <…> the edge of the Commonwealth and the edge of the Cossacks. And the great Kingdom of Russia,” Zorkin said.

According to him, now there is a lot of speculation about the origin of Ukraine, and therefore he decided to demonstrate this map.

“Well, we know that these lands were simply part of the Commonwealth, and then they asked to be part of the Moscow kingdom, that’s all. And they ended up as part of the Muscovite kingdom. And only then, after the October Revolution, all sorts of quasi-state formations began to form, and the Soviet government created Soviet Ukraine. Before that, there was no Ukraine in the history of mankind,” the President said in response to this.

As Parlamentskaya Gazeta wrote, earlier, on May 23, at the ceremony of presenting state awards, Putin said that the enemy had been waging a war for nine years, launched against the Russian people, part of which, due to historical injustice, ended up outside the borders of the historical Russian state, and Moscow, conducting special military operation, repels this attack and tries to end the war.

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