Putin: Russian-Chinese relations serve as a guarantor of a positive agenda

kremlin.ru |  Administration of the President of Russia
kremlin.ru | Administration of the President of Russia

President of Russia Vladimir Putin wrote an article for a Chinese magazine, where he expressed his opinion on the relationship between countries. An article entitled “Russia and China – a partnership looking to the future” was published on the website of the head of state.

Putin highly appreciates the relations between states and considers them a model of constructive cooperation.

“It is Russian-Chinese relations that today actually act as the cornerstone of regional and global stability, stimulate economic growth, serve as a guarantor of a positive agenda in international affairs. They are an example of harmonious creative cooperation between major powers,” the President wrote.

The text contains lines about the strategic partnership, which, according to Putin, will continue to grow stronger.

“I am sure that our friendship and partnership, based on the strategic choice of the peoples of the two countries, will continue to grow and strengthen in the name of the well-being and prosperity of Russia and China. And this, undoubtedly, will be facilitated by the current visit to Russia of the Chairman of the PRC,” Putin writes in the article.

The article was published on the eve of the visit to Moscow of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who will arrive on March 20. As part of the working meeting, talks will be held in the Kremlin, the date of which is scheduled for March 21. It is noted that the visit will last until March 22.

The previous day, it was reported that Xi Jinping became the first President of the Republic of China to remain in office for the third time.


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