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Changes in the governor’s corps

President Vladimir Putin made it clear to the governors that they should not gloss over reality, since he controls the solution of problems in the regions and expects systemic effective work from them. This is how experts explained to URA.RU the president’s words at his meeting with the acting head of the Kirov region Alexander Sokolov on August 9 in the Kremlin. According to political analysts, Putin’s demand is addressed to all governors.

At the beginning of the meeting with Putin, Sokolov recalled that from the moment he was appointed to his post, he was ready to solve the problems of the Kirov region and, together with his colleagues, achieved certain successes both in industrial production and in agriculture. “Now the region in terms of milk production in agricultural enterprises ranks fifth in Russia, and this is not the limit,” said the acting governor. At the same time, almost half of the rural areas in the Kirov region remain not supplied with gas, there is an outflow of the able-bodied population, as well as a lack of social and transport infrastructure, Sokolov admitted.

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In terms of milk production, the Kirov region ranks fifth in Russia
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The President drew special attention of the Acting Governor to the situation of the residents of single-industry towns. “There are only 11 of them in the region, and four of them are in a situation that requires them to be dealt with on a permanent basis. From the low incomes of citizens, from the situations associated with these single-industry towns, another problem is the high level of alcoholization of the population,” the head of state noted.

“You don’t need to stuff anything under the carpet somewhere, varnish anything. It is necessary to deal with the most acute problems,” the President stressed.

Putin also pointed out to Sokolov the problems with the resettlement of emergency housing and gasification. “There is another issue that requires your special attention, along with the federal authorities, is emergency housing. And of course, gasification needs to be dealt with more actively, which we will do. It is imperative to fit into what is being done here at the level of the Federation and through Gazprom,” he instructed.

The conversation between the President and Acting Governor of the Kirov Region Alexander Sokolov was held via video link
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Thus, Putin sends not only Sokolov, but all the governors a signal that the federal center controls the solution of problems in the regions and expects them to work systematically, Dmitry Orlov, director general of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications (APEC), explained to URA.RU. “It was no coincidence that Putin, at a meeting with Sokolov, outlined the problematic field of the Kirov region – from the state of single-industry towns to the problem of alcoholism. This is a signal to all interim governors: we need constant systematic work, and not just pre-election moves and statements focused on certain groups of the population,” the expert said.

Other meetings of Putin with the heads of regions serve the same purpose, political strategist Marat Bashirov added in an interview with URA.RU. “What the president wanted to say applies to all governors: there is no need to gloss over reality, you need to work on solving problems, because everything is under control. As for Sokolov, this is insufficient gasification of the region, a shortage of labor resources with a large number of enterprises of the military-industrial complex in the region, and so on. This is an important signal, and it is addressed to the heads of regions across the country,” Bashirov confirmed.

Demanding on the results of work and intolerance for embellishing reality in reports are the basic principles of the Kremlin’s regional policy, said Konstantin Kostin, Chairman of the Board of the Civil Society Development Fund (ForGO).

“Everything that Putin said applies to other subjects of the Federation, he regularly reminds governors, members of the government and other civil servants about this. In addition, a meeting with the president is not only an occasion to talk about problems, but also an opportunity to discuss ways to solve them. Putin’s attention adds confidence to the residents of the regions that the problems will be solved, ”the expert concluded.

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