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Putin on Biden: there will be no impulsive steps

Russian President Vladimir Putin called his American counterpart Joe Biden a career man who is not characterized by impulsive steps. It sounded in a snippet of an interview with Russian President Cyrus Simmons for NBC News. It will be shown in full on Monday.

“President Biden is a career man. For almost his entire adult life, he has been in politics, – said Mr Putin. – This is a different type of people (compared to 45th US President Donald Trump.- “B”), and I really hope that yes, this has some advantages and some disadvantages, but there will be no impulsive actions on his part. “

The interview will be shown on June 14 ahead of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva, which is scheduled for June 16. The President of Russia wants to discuss “the prospects for Russian-American relations, problems of strategic stability” and a number of other issues. Joe Biden plans to address human rights issues.

Read about the preparations for the summit in the publication of Kommersant, “Villas on the Water are Written.”

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