Putin: none of the promises made to Russia on the grain deal were kept


Погрузка зерна на судно Brave Commander для экспорта в Эфиопию в порту Южный, Украина -  1920, 30.07.2023

Given that none of the promises to deliver Russian grain as part of the “grain deal” were fulfilled, Russia said that it was necessary to fulfill what they promised first, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
“Given that none of the promises that were made to us to facilitate the export of our grain and our fertilizers to world markets were fulfilled, we repeatedly extended our participation in the so-called grain deal, in the hope that these the promises will be fulfilled, but once again we said no. Now let’s fulfill it first, and then we will return to this deal,” Putin said at a press conference.

He noted that in order for the poorest countries not to suffer, Russia is ready to start supplying grain for free.

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