Putin explained why Russia stopped participating in the START-3 Treaty

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed why he decided to suspend Russia’s participation in the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). This will allow the Russian Federation to meet all the needs to strengthen the nuclear arsenal, and this is what the United States and its satellites are afraid of, experts explained to URA.RU the essence of Putin’s words in congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23. According to political analysts, the Russian leader has shown that he is not bluffing, as they believe in the West.

President Putin’s congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day turned out to be shorter than a year ago (426 words against 574 words in 2022). Traditionally, the head of state turned to the heroic pages of the country’s military history. Putin especially congratulated the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who “defeated Nazism, defended the freedom and independence of the Motherland” and “military traditions”, which are cherished and multiplied by soldiers and officers today.

The President addressed special words of congratulations to the participants of the special operation

The President congratulated all those who are in the special operation zone – military, volunteers, mobilized, civilians. “Our fighters are fighting heroically against neo-Nazism that has taken root in Ukraine, protecting our people in our historical territories, fighting courageously, heroically,” Putin stressed.

The head of state said that the guarantee of “the security and sovereignty of the country, the guarantee of its stable development” is an effective army and navy. He guaranteed that the Armed Forces would be strengthened by “advanced equipment”, and taking into account “real combat experience.”

Increased attention, Putin stressed, will be given to “strengthening the nuclear triad.” He noted that already this year the military units will receive “the first launchers of the Sarmat missile system with a new heavy missile,” serial production of the Kinzhal air-based hypersonic systems will continue.

“We will start mass deliveries of Zircon sea-based hypersonic missiles. With the commissioning of the Borei-A nuclear-powered submarine Imperator Alexander III into the Navy, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the naval strategic nuclear forces will reach one hundred percent. In the coming years, the combat strength of the fleet will be replenished with three more cruisers of this project,” the President assured.

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The Russian defense industry will provide the army and navy with modern and efficient weapons and military equipment, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured

Today’s congratulations of Putin on the Defender of the Fatherland Day partly became his political statement. The President showed that he is not bluffing, as is commonly believed in the United States, and indeed in the West in general, when he talks about the nuclear triad, political scientist Professor Dmitry Nechaev explained to URA.RU. “What, if not the presence of nuclear weapons, can sound convincing? Putin made it clear to uncomprehending politicians in the West that his words are not a bluff. He showed that if the supply of weapons to the Kiev regime does not stop, if the hybrid participation of Western countries in the war against Russia continues, if something threatens Russian territories, nuclear weapons will be used without any doubt,” Nechaev is convinced.

At the same time, according to the political scientist, the president admits that during the special operation in supplying the army with certain types of weapons in Russia, certain problems were identified. But “the situation is not catastrophic” and it will be corrected. “The most important thing Putin said is that we have modernized nuclear weapons.

We have suspended participation in the START-3 Treaty, and this will allow us to quickly obtain the missing components for nuclear weapons. And this also sounds very convincing,” said Dmitry Nechaev.

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Russia’s nuclear build-up is a strong argument for the US, experts say
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Mikhail Mizulin, associate professor at the RANEPA School of Political Studies, also considers Putin’s statement a serious argument for the United States. “So far, the US and Europe do not want to hear it. And the president shows that if opponents do not accept our arguments at the level of diplomacy, we will uncover our nuclear potential. Moreover, according to indirect data, the Americans admit the possibility of nuclear weapons destroying objects on the territory of Russia.

Yes, [президент США Джо] Biden said he does not see a nuclear threat from the Russian Federation, but this is vague rhetoric. They understand that Russia is not to be trifled with. And the argument of President Putin is the strong argument that Americans fear the most,” Mizulin believes.

Russia will never be the first to launch a nuclear strike, Oleg Ivannikov, a military political scientist and director of the Law and Order charity, is convinced. “We will defend our interests both in the border areas and in the world by all available methods. For us, nuclear weapons are a deterrent, a guarantee of our sovereignty. And the desire of the West to involve us in a conflict with its use only speaks of their many years of desire to get involved in this adventure and get a proper rebuff, ”Ivannikov concluded.

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