Putin discussed with the acting head of the Zaporozhye region the security of the region

Putin discussed with the acting head of the Zaporozhye region the security of the region

Vladimir Putin.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the Acting Governor of the Zaporizhia region Yevgeny Balitsky discussed security and socio-economic development of the region, as well as the status of the Sudoplatov Volunteer Battalion. This was announced on March 7 by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

As the Kremlin representative noted, during the conversation with the acting head of Zaporozhye, various topics were raised related to the development of the region, the activities of business entities and other aspects of the socio-economic situation, TASS reports.

According to Peskov, they also touched upon the development of the agro-industrial complex. In addition, security issues were also discussed. “Balitsky raised the issue of the status of the Sudoplatov Volunteer Battalion with the President,” the spokesman said.

Earlier, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, a representative of the Zaporozhye region in the Chamber of Regions, Dmitry Vorona, at a round table in the press center of Parliamentary Newspaper, said that a full economic recovery of the region would take one to two years. According to him, now people who start their own business are returning to the region. Many new businesses are also being opened based on those that were abandoned due to fighting and other reasons.

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