The sanctions war of the West against the Russian Federation has already led to a global destabilization of the energy and food markets. This was announced on May 15 by the Russian senator Alexey Pushkov in your telegram channel.

“And this is a consequence of the very globalization that they so actively imposed on the world through Westernization and Americanization, largely unexpected for the West itself, without noticing, however, that they themselves began to depend heavily on it”– said the senator, emphasizing that in the course of the fight against Russia, the Western alliance has not yet realized that economic globalization is an objective phenomenon, it also has a side that is not controlled by the United States and the Big Seven.

Pushkov said that if they violate her logic, then she punishes for it.

“It is already clear that if sanctions similar to those against Russia are applied by the West against China with its gigantic GDP and a larger share than the United States …


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