Puppies take part in race during match’s halftime. Watch its hilarious ending

What What happens when you mix puppies during the halftime basketball match? At They refuse to run at times, but they still manage to charm people with their adorableness. Just Like this scene from the video shared on Twitter. The Clip shows how a race between pooches became a hilariously cute affair.

Basketball Team Indiana Pacers The video was posted on their official website Twitter handle. They A caption explaining that the puppies come from Indy Rescue Organization was also sharedHumane They are searching for their forever home.

“We hosted our first ever @PetSmart Puppy Race at halftime, and it did not go as planned. it was even better. Thanks to @IndyHumane for letting us show off these adorable pups that are all on hold waiting to get big enough to go to their forever homes,” They tweeted the video and shared it with their friends.

The Video Opens to show the puppies at the start line of the race. HoweverIt seems that the cute creatures will not move as soon as it starts. Take Take a look at this video to see the end of the race.

The video was posted on November 22 and since being tweeted, the clip has gone viral. Till now, the video has accumulated over 2.2 million views and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post various reactions.

“I would totally take one of them and make my house their furrever home. (Unfortunately, I’m in Houston),” shared a Twitter user. “Go to your local Humane Society to adopt, I’m sure they have options for you and your family,” suggested another. “Aww,” expressed a third. “I love this,” wrote a fourth.

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