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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has been demonizing the Punjab police because of his vested interest, the IGP said.

Addressing an event, the top cop said that creating a political ‘narrative’ by inciting hatred is a heinous act and that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and his handlers are behind this.

Imran Khan has been on a campaign for snap polls since he left the prime minister’s house in April last year. He was expelled by a motion of no confidence. He has been blaming the regime change on a plot supported by the United States while the United States has been denying any wrongdoing.

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Like other state organs, Imran Khan has been targeting the Punjab police. In his new tirade, he said the state police have not followed the law.

According to interior minister Rana Sana, Imran Khan has nothing to do with politics.

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He (Imran Khan) has been creating crises and hatching conspiracies to defame the organs of the state.

Instead of facing the law, Imran Khan is using tricks, he told the media, adding that Imran Khan has several cases of corruption including kickbacks, foreign funding, Toshakhana and concealment of facts.

He added that armed groups attacked Islamabad to create anarchy. He referred to the cipher issue and an attempt to influence key posts. The minister said that Imran Khan must answer the questions related to the Toshakhana and foreign funding but he is creating problems to lure people in an attempt to escape trial.

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