Publicist: For liberals, the Yeltsin Center is like Lenin’s mausoleum


    It is necessary to close the Yeltsin Center, which has become a sacred place for Russian compradors and liberals. This was announced on June 30 IA REGNUM publicist Dmitry Popov.

    Yeltsin Center” is a symbolic place for the modern Russian liberal-comprador foreign elite. You can even say that for them this place is sacred, like Lenin’s mausoleum. And they will defend it no less selflessly than the communists defend the mausoleum, and, therefore, it will not be so easy to close it“, – said the publicist.

    But it is necessary to close this center, Popov is sure.

    To begin with, the Yeltsin Center should be recognized as a foreign agent, as the director suggested. Nikita Mikhalkov. Moreover, this can be done by quite legal methods, the publicist noted.

    Recall that previously…

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