Psychotherapist Blackman gave advice to unrequited love women

Psychotherapist Beverly Blackman told what to do for girls who are in love with a man who is carried away by another woman.

A patient named Mandy turned to the doctor for advice. She is in love with a man who is corresponding with a woman from another country. At the same time, he agrees to meet with Mandy, but does not want to give up a virtual romance, although he understands that he will never be together with a pen pal.

The expert immediately made it clear that the man is emotionally unavailable, since he puts all his feelings into relationships at a distance. In this regard, Blackman advised the girl and everyone who was in a similar situation to think about whether to continue such a relationship. According to the specialist, it is highly likely that Mandy will try to “fix” her chosen one, but she will not find happiness, writes HuffPost.


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