Psychologist Shakirova spoke about the benefits of art therapy


Everyone has experienced psychological difficulties in one way or another. Growing up, we learn to live stressful situations in our own way: we hit a hobby, communicate with loved ones, go to a psychologist. Some types of “calming”, on the contrary, do more harm. This applies to bad habits, stress eating, self-harm, and everything that has a destructive effect on our body and mind.

There are a huge number of techniques that can replace the unhealthy living of stress. In fact, each person is able to find what suits him. One such technique is art therapy.

Anastasia Shakirovaa child psychologist for mothers told the correspondent FANthat it is a psychological help tool. The term itself was introduced Andyarn Hill in 1938, when he was treated for tuberculosis and felt the healing effect of drawing.

“Art therapy is one of the ways to “knock deep into yourself” in your unconscious. More Sigmund Freud considered creativity to be a great way to plunge into the unconscious, he wrote that it is easier for a person to express his thoughts with the help of images and symbols than verbally, ”said the expert.

Shakirova noted that art therapy is used in a wide range of psychological problems, as well as for the treatment of mentally ill people. This is an affordable means for expressing your emotions, feelings, working through negative experiences. The main task of art therapy, according to the psychologist, is to return a person to himself, to attempts to become aware of his emotions, feelings, thoughts in order to harmonize the internal state.

“In my practice, I use art therapy as an additional tool. In working with children, she is very helpful in solving problems such as fears, conflicts, and anxiety. It is an excellent tool for relaxation and reflection,” shared Shakirova.

The psychologist emphasized that ordinary drawing should be distinguished from art therapy, since it is a creative impulse in the here and now moment. There are several varieties of this technique: isotherapy, fairy tale therapy, play therapy, puppet therapy, sand therapy, phototherapy, metaphorical associative cards, music therapy, dance therapy.

The effectiveness of each method of art therapy depends on the skill level of the psychologist, his ability to create a safe space and unconditional support, the appropriateness of using this method in the client’s problem, Shakirova said. The choice of techniques and methods of art therapy is based on the principles of simplicity and efficiency, interest, beyond the scope and limitations, that is, non-standard. The results of art therapy: development of creative thinking and imagination, self-understanding expands, tension is relieved, stress is reduced.

“Of course, art therapy has its drawbacks. For example, a strong protest from the client, not everyone is ready to work through art therapy, for some it is a provocateur of negative emotions. Most often, these are defense mechanisms of the psyche or negative, traumatic experiences associated with creativity. Therefore, during the session, a powerful explosion of emotion can occur, it is very important here that the psychologist knows how to cope with this, since there is a risk of a person’s deep withdrawal into himself, ”said Shakirova.

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