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Psychologist Miller called Biden’s bathing with her daughter in the shower sexual abuse


Bathing US President Joe Biden with his daughter in the shower can be considered sexual assault. The girl was then very small, but she remembered this event, it clearly left a mark and will lead to certain consequences in Ashley’s adult life, psychologist-sexologist Alexandra Miller told Life.

The girl’s diary does not say exactly when Biden took a shower with her. According to the expert, at the age of two or three, the child would hardly be able to remember himself, so, most likely, at that moment Ashley was five or six. At this age, children already manifest sexuality in one way or another. If there was any interaction with the body, then it is likely that Ashley will develop gerontophilia – a craving for older men, the psychologist believes.

“This can be considered essentially sexual abuse, because the child does not understand what is happening. He cannot defend himself in any way. This left an imprint in his memory, accordingly there was some kind of vivid sexual impression. This kind of violence is obtained over a person, over a person. [воспоминание] through your life, Miller emphasized.

She also noted that footage often appears on the Web in which the American president hugs little girls. The Internet discusses them very vigorously and chuckles. According to the psychologist, now that the revelations of Biden’s daughter have appeared, the puzzle can be said to have taken shape.

Recall that the contents of the personal diary of Biden’s daughter Ashley became known earlier, the very fact of the theft was made public a week and a half before the 2020 presidential election. Now Joe Biden is actively using the FBI as his own secret police to punish everyone involved in the leak of this data.



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