Psychologist Kuznetsova explained why a family without children is also full

Russia has a difficult demographic situation. The issue of fertility is one of the most acute for our country. Our society is characterized by a very high attention to children. There is an opinion that a family in which there are no children is not a family. RIA FAN We talked on this topic with a perinatal psychologist, an expert in preparation for conception, IVF and motherhood, Lidia Kutuzova, and found out how correct this statement is from a legal and psychological point of view.

Lydia drew attention to the fact that if we turn to the legal side of the issue, the Family Code of the Russian Federation defines a family as a circle of persons who are interconnected by certain rights and obligations arising from a marriage, family ties, adoption or other form of taking children for upbringing.

The psychologist pointed out that the older generation often accuses young people of being selfish because of their unwillingness to have children. And people of the older generation can be understood. However, millennials have their own attitude to this issue. As a rule, they understand how responsible and resource-intensive parenthood is.

In addition, representatives of generation Y very carefully choose a partner with whom they will build a family, the psychologist said. And when they find a suitable one, they give him maximum attention. Based on this, we can conclude that for millennials, a family without children is absolutely complete, the emphasis is on the strength of the relationship between spouses.

Psychologists, and in particular Lydia herself, say that the desire to have a child should be mutual, firm and in no case accepted under pressure.

“As you can see, from several points of view, the question:” a family without children – is it a family “is affirmative. The reasons why the current generation of potential parents do not want or dare to have children are numerous. Someone sees his destiny in a career, others well together and there is no need for children, others sensibly weigh what responsibility will fall on them in the event of parenthood, they understand that they cannot stand it, and do not want to spoil the child’s life “ she concluded.

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