A person obsessed with thinking that he has some kind of disease searches the Internet for similar symptoms, identifies them, and then tries to diagnose himself. After that, a person may experience internal anxiety, medical psychologist Lyubov Krushinsky warned.

“He has constant anxious thoughts about whether he is sick with something. Therefore, a person begins to go to the doctors almost every week, trying to find one disease in himself, then another. And only the test results can convince him that that he’s not actually sick.”said the psychologist conversation with Prime agency.

Such a condition, according to Krushinsky, can no longer lead to fictitious, but real diagnoses. For example, diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure develop. Also, a person really finds a number of symptoms in himself, since self-hypnosis begins to connect.

“Information obtained from the Internet can influence the formation of false attitudes and expectations for a person to see a doctor and prescribed treatment. In such cases, the thought of going to the doctor often causes anxiety, forcing you to contact a specialist only in emergency situations,” – notes Krushinsky.

She emphasizes that effective treatment can only be prescribed after the patient has been examined by a qualified specialist and diagnosed.


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