Psychologist Khishchenko urged to give children freedom in choosing a profession

Today’s conditions give most teenagers a lot of stress: they are under pressure in every possible way, and the lack of freedom of choice does not allow them to decide on a profession. Federal trainer-psychologist, teacher-lecturer of the society “Knowledge” Anastasia Khishchenko spoke on the air of the radio “TVNZ”how not to prevent the child from making the right choice.

She recalled that the vast majority of graduates of Russian universities do not work in their profession. To avoid such a development of events, it is necessary from childhood to give him the opportunity to decide on his own interests and circles.

In addition, if earlier graduates predetermined their future for life, not having much choice, today’s range of professions leads applicants into confusion. Moreover, they are under enormous pressure from outside.

“Teachers put pressure on them and shout: “Pass the exam well, I need indicators.” School principals put pressure on them. The same thing, the school’s indicators are important. even better for the budget, and even better, enter the first wave so that there are no problems at all, “ noted the expert.

Thus, in fact, people who still do not understand anything in life are lost, but they are afraid to admit it to adults. In this regard, the psychologist advised, it is important to accept any choice of the child. Many teenagers know who they want to be, but the main thing that prevents them is reproaches for the unpromising nature of their dreams.


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