Psychologist Galigabarov named the best film to help cope with depression


    An important tool in the fight against depression can be “cinema therapy”. This was told by the psychologist Peter Galigabarov. To cheer up, the specialist advised the Russians, in particular, to watch films about Harry Potter, informs portal “Doctor Peter”.

    The psychologist recommended watching the saga of the young wizard from the very first film. While watching the film, you should pay attention to the strengths of the protagonist, as well as to what helped him overcome difficulties.

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    “Separately, it is worth highlighting the third film -” Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban “. In the book that became the basis of the script for this picture, JK Rowling presented us with her vision of depression and ways to cope with it. In the film adaptation, we will see her message clearly,” — noted Galigabarov.

    At the same time, to cheer up, he recommended watching the film “Amelie” and positive comedies that evoke pleasant memories. Melodramas like The Notebook, Dear John, or The Long Road can also be helpful.

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