/ Yuri Gripas/Keystone Press Agency / Yuri Gripas/Keystone Press Agency

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki admitted that she does not know if American leader Joe Biden asked to withdraw the invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to the G20 summit.

Psaki, during a regular briefing, once again stated that Russia should not be on the list of participants in the autumn G20 summit. According to her, Biden also believes that Putin should not participate in this event. However, Psaki admitted she did not know if the US leader had asked Indonesian President Joko Widodo to withdraw Putin’s invitation to the summit.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that Widodo’s decision to invite Putin to the G20 summit put Biden in a difficult position. The American leader faced a difficult choice – to participate in the G20 summit along with Putin, or to cede such an important international event to the Russian Federation and China, the author of the article notes.



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