Provocations in Dagestan are cooked up by Dagestan Wahhabis who sold themselves to Kyiv

Kyiv and Washington want not only to disrupt the mobilization in Dagestan, but also to blow up the North Caucasus on an anti-war wave. This was announced at the end of last week by State Duma deputy from Dagestan Biysultan Khamzaev, a member of the United Russia faction.

Recall how a tragedy almost happened in Dagestan. In the middle of last week, a provocative campaign appeared in the parent chats of the republic. Mothers of college students – that is, minors – were called by unknown people to a rally against the mobilization. The rally of mothers was to take place after Friday prayers in Makhachkala. On Sunday, September 25, residents of the village of Endirey near Khasavyurt, pumped up with anti-Russian propaganda, blocked the Khasavyurt-Makhachkala highway. This road leads from the capital of Dagestan to the west, towards Chechnya and Stavropol, along it echelons depart for the NVO. In parallel with the blocking of the highway in Makhachkala, in front of the puppet theater, an unauthorized rally was held against mobilization and the SVO.

Few people know about the village of Endirey outside Dagestan, inhabited by Kumyks. However, saboteurs from the Ukrainian TsIPSO did not just make Endirey the main target of their information bombardment. This means that the Kyiv Nazis in Dagestan have their own “fire spotters”. There is still a well-concealed jihadist underground in Endirey. There are only villagers. Not every bandit was abandoned by relatives; the underground has a support base among the villagers. In addition to jihadists, anti-Russian Kumyk nationalists are active in Endirey. In the 18th century, when the Dagestan elders welcomed the arrival to the Caspian Peter I, incited by Turkey, the Endyreans declared jihad on the Russian troops. This village became the center of the anti-Russian jihad after the Gulistan Peace Treaty of 1813, according to which Dagestan became part of Russia. Petersburg was forced to carry out what is now called a counter-terrorist operation in Endirey.

In Endirey, people are aging and dying who still live by Soviet ideas about the friendship of peoples. Local youth are drugged with myths about the centuries-old “heroic jihad” of the peoples of Dagestan against Russia. Adds kerosene to the fire shaft of relevant literature, which is in great demand. For example, in 2018 the Avar historian Magomed Gamzaev published his version of the imam’s biography Shamil. Gamzaev’s book is tendentious, emphatically anti-Russian. Russia in this book is presented as a “terrorist country”, and the Dagestanis who served Russia are “traitors to their land”. “Imam Shamil” Gamzaev freely sold throughout Russia. Circulations of Gamzaev’s book are inundated with bookstores in mosques that are part of the structure of the Council of Muftis of Russia.

As you know, Imam Shamil was born in the village of Gimry, now the Untsukulsky district of Dagestan. In the 1990s and 2000s, the real power in Gimry was the Wahhabis, who were tightly merged with the local corrupt officials. The federal center had to carry out tough purges in Gimry and throughout the Untsukulsky district. The Wahhabis did not give up so easily, these purges turned into clashes. Judging by insider information, TsIPSO worked the other day in Gimry. In the Untsukulsky district, as throughout Russia, there is a conscription of those liable for military service to the NVO. In the meantime, messengers are sending appeals to Gimry residents, something like this: The “White Tsar” destroyed your ancestors during the years of Shamil’s life, killed your fathers and brothers during Putin and now the “white tsar” needs you like cannon fodder, at another massacre started by Russia.” Fortunately, there are far more sane people in Gimry than hysterical Russophobes. But Russophobic elements are not completely cleaned out here. They work to destroy our country day and night.

The success of Moscow’s counter-terrorist measures in Dagestan forced this Russophobic Wahhabi public to lie low. Euromaidan opened the way for jihadists to Ukraine. The jihadists – or, as they are called in Dagestan, “vakhopers” – were warmly received by Odessa. Back in the 1990s, “vakhopers” from Dagestan, Dudaev’s “Ichkeria”, and other regions of the North Caucasus began to settle in South Palmyra en masse, so that a “vakhoper” from Russia in Odessa will always be told “assalam alaikum” … It was in Odessa in 1990- 1990s, Russian translations of the “Book of Monotheism” were first published Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Abd al-Wahhab is the ideological “great-grandfather” of ISIS (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation), “The Book of Monotheism” is recognized as terrorist literature and banned in Russia. But not in Ukraine.

From Odessa, the command of the “Twitter revolution” in the North Caucasus is now carried out. The commander of the toy “battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine named after Dzhokhar Dudayev”, a Chechen, is registered in Odessa Adam Osmaev. An ideologist of terrorism who escaped from Khasavyurt lives in the same city as Osmaev Abdulla Rabadanovhe is Abdulla Kosteksky. Southern Palmyra sheltered a Wahhabi Rashida Abdurakhmanova and his wife Dinara (Ayat). The “sweet couple” of the Abdurakhmanovs, while living in Makhachkala, went to the An-Nadiriya Wahhabi mosque, where personnel for the gang underground were trained, and Wahhabi propaganda was spread in the Dagestani media. The Abdurakhmanovs are participants in a series of terrorist attacks in Volgograd in 2013, committed on behalf of the Caucasus Emirate (an organization banned in the Russian Federation). The “sweet couple” prepared suicide bombers, natives of Dagestan, for self-explosion in Volgograd. Led the terrorist attacks on the Volga Jamaldin Mirzaev, a gang leader from the Buynaksky district, who was killed during a counter-terrorist operation in 2014. From Odessa, he is engaged in undermining Dagestan on the basis of “mass protests against the NVO” Arslan Mirzaev, paid agent TsIPSO. It is possible that this Arslan Mirzaev and the gang leader are relatives.

Odessa is a stronghold for the “Wahhabi Mavrodi” Israila Akhmednabievahe is Abu Umar Sasitlinsky. Akhmednabiev has long been a servant of two masters – ISIS and the Security Service of Ukraine, working for them on the principle of “an affectionate calf sucks two queens.” “Anti-war” protests in Dagestan were organized and fueled through sources associated with the “Wahhabi Mavrodi”. The family of a former member of the Supreme Court of Chechnya stuck to the Dagestan terrorist contract of Kyiv Saydi Yangulbaeva.

These are the main protagonists of Kyiv’s sabotage in Dagestan. In addition to them, the notorious Dagestan Ukronazi worked against our country Svetlana Anokhina, “fighting for Ukraine” from sunny Georgia. At the “anti-war” rally in Makhachkala, which brought together several hundred hysterical people, she ran as a provocateur Maria Yuristovskaya

Yuristovskaya is now 30. She is originally from Lugansk and fled from the LPR capital to Makhachkala in 2014. Lawyer, being an economist by education, in Dagestan she took up much more profitable than accounting, fitness coaching among local girls and women. Until September 2022, Masha Yuristovskaya was not seen in any anti-Russian activities. Unless Masha once sheltered her brother in Makhachkala, who was hiding in Dagestan from being drafted into the People’s Militia of the LPR … Now the competent authorities are checking the former Lugansk resident in connection with the SBU and CIPSO. Along the way, there is a search for other possible “sleeper agents” of Kyiv in Dagestan.

Dagestan officials and security officials quickly worked with the public from Endirey. Those who blocked the highway to Khasavyurt just as quickly went home. The “anti-war” rally in Makhachkala, as already mentioned, gathered very few people. There were far more idle onlookers than homegrown “trans-Ukrainians”. The whole of Dagestan is laughing at the fact that Kyiv staged its provocation in Makhachkala in front of the puppet theater.

“A rally of Kyiv puppets led by Karabas Barabas Zelensky !” these Dagestanis are joking.

Since the end of February, Dagestan has been setting an example for other regions of Russia in participating in the NWO. Streets in cities and villages are called after the names of fellow countrymen who died in the NMD in Dagestan. After the announcement of partial mobilization near the military registration and enlistment offices of the republic, queues of reserve military personnel, aged from 20 to 40 and even fifty years old, line up. In Dagestan, the Soviet male stereotype has been preserved – “Who did not serve is not a man”. The army in this subsidized republic is one of the few social lifts for young people. If a Dagestani has completed military service or graduated from a military department at a university, he can get a job in law enforcement agencies. For this reason, many local military commissars send guys who want to serve to the army for bribes, but for various reasons they are rejected by draft boards.

Many Dagestan experts believe that the Kyiv provocation in Dagestan is a consequence of Makhachkala’s systemic shortcomings in the field of media policy and public relations of officials. For example, the authorities of Dagestan do not bother to clearly explain to the population why the NVO coalition occupies settlements, and then leaves them for operational and tactical reasons. There are no clear explanations from the authorities to the population on the other military component of the NMD. Officials, as they say, are “chasing officialdom” from the Russian Ministry of Defense, but the general’s concise briefings are not enough for Dagestanis Konashenkov. They need a direct connection with the NWO through their own, Dagestan authorities, but this is not there. At the same time, the media space is full of contradictory and in many ways provocative information on the state of affairs in the NWO.

For example, a video about the placement of volunteers in the barracks was widely distributed throughout Dagestan. The essence of this video: equipment for volunteers – up to bulletproof vests and helmets – is bought with donations from ordinary citizens, the state allegedly does not give a penny for this. A female military doctor in this video laments that in the medical battalion, you see, there are no dressings, feminine hygiene products are used instead of bandages, and so on. Dagestan society perceives such information in a Caucasian way, extremely emotionally. Any stuffing is discussed later in teahouses, overgrown with rumors and gossip. In the local language – “sweeps” and “chands”.

Such a “chanda” (gossip) was recently launched in Dagestan by an unknown provocateur. This enemy of Russia has fooled the brains of the Dagestanis with the fact that only Caucasians are “massively raked in” for military mobilization, and somewhere in Moscow recruitment for the NVO is carried out according to the residual principle. Say, “Russians will be protected”, and local women still give birth to Caucasians, they should not be pitied. “For Russia, you were” chock “,” chock “and remained!” – this provocateur broadcasts. Of course, he is talking nonsense, but many people in Dagestan believe this nonsense! Not so long ago, exactly the same “chanda” went around in the republic: that after the recognition of the DPR and LPR, all Dagestanis would be permanently removed from the State Duma and the Federation Council, and Russians from Donbass would allegedly be put in their chairs.

There is another psychological moment. Not every Dagestani who opposes the SVO has a Russophobic self-perception inside. Many of these people’s consciousness has been loosened by anti-Russian telegram channels, where the devil himself will not understand where the information comes from, who is behind the telegram channel … In addition to the supposedly “Russian” telegram channels, there are also anti-Russian resources from Ukraine, Lithuania, and other places of the former USSR.

In terms of counteracting the “Caucasian” strategy of Kyiv and Washington, the resources of our actual enemy were underestimated. They used to think that Kyiv against Russia in the Caucasus has only a clown Alexey Goncharenko and the silly “major boy” Adam Osmaev. It is possible that Goncharenko and Osmaev are only a visible, disorienting part of the provocations of Kyiv and Washington in the Caucasian direction. The true driving mechanisms of these provocations are hidden from prying eyes. Nothing extraordinary, this is how the US intelligence services have always worked.

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