Protests in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and Switzerland against rising prices and aid to Ukraine: details


March 13, 2023, 21:49

Residents of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic took to the streets against military aid to Ukraine

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Over the past weekend, mass rallies have taken place around the world. Thousands of people in Bulgaria demanded an end to support for the Ukrainian conflict, and protesters in Switzerland called on the government to return to neutrality and lift all sanctions against Russia. A separate dissatisfaction among people was caused by the rise in prices – such protests took place in Moldova and the Czech Republic. “360” told what the residents of these and other countries are outraged about.

Bulgaria, Poland and Germany against arming Ukraine

Residents of Bulgaria staged a mass protest on March 12. Large-scale processions were held in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Silistra, Kazanlak, Shumen and Targovishte – more than 10 thousand people took part in them.

People demanded that all NATO military bases be closed in the country, and also called on the government to withdraw from the alliance in the future, said TASS. In addition, they advocated the neutrality of the country and insisted that Bulgaria not be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine, and the state stopped supplying weapons.

The protesters once again reminded that military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not lead to anything good: it only entails the death of people, and does not bring peace. In addition, residents dissatisfied with the government’s attitude to the situation insisted that politicians really try to regulate the conflict, and not be limited to conversations.

The Germans also opposed the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Hundreds of residents of Bavaria took to the streets in the city of Aschaffenburg. In their hands they carried placards “I am at peace with Russia and Ukraine”, “More deaths, more weapons will not bring peace” and “Weapons will not bring peace”.

In Poland, people also took to the streets against aid to Kyiv. Residents of the city of Bydgoszcz called on Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki not to drag the country into the conflict in Ukraine, and also demanded to maintain independence and statehood. Separately, the protesters condemned the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism and Bandera.

Switzerland against sanctions, but for neutrality

About three thousand On March 11, people gathered in front of the Swiss Parliament and Government in Bern. They demanded that the authorities observe strict neutrality, and also criticized the country’s role in the conflict in Ukraine. In addition, residents demanded that the government lift anti-Russian sanctions.

Spain supported Russia

In Spain, on March 11, more than two thousand people took to the streets of the city of Bilbao with the flags of Russia, Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. They were hung on the Bilbao city hall building.

“Russia has been striving for peace since 2014. But the West leaves Russia no other choice. For this reason, we express our solidarity with Moscow, ”said RIA News” representative of the Basque platform “No NATO”.

The protesters opposed military assistance to Ukraine and the strategy of the North Atlantic Alliance. They also called for the redistribution of the military budgets of European countries, which continue to grow, for social spending and support for the population due to higher prices.

Latvia wanted to keep Pushkin

In Riga, dozens of residents came to the Town Hall Square to protest against the demolition of the monument to the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

The rally was organized by the activists of the Russian Union of Latvia (RLL) party, representatives of the Harmony party, the Pushkin Society and other organizations took part in it.

“The Riga City Council started to play in its struggle with the monuments. It’s time to stop this senseless barbarism!” – emphasized on RSL website.

Prague and Moldova against rising prices

On March 12, supporters and representatives of the Shor party, an opposition party in Moldova, held a rally against rising prices and tariffs for heating and electricity. The protest action took place as part of the “Movement for the People”: since mid-February, residents have been demanding that the authorities pay winter bills for heating and electricity, and also calling on the country’s government to resign. Residents brought posters with them: “The bills have driven us into debt!”, “Down with the Sandu regime!”, “Down with the dictatorship!”, “Sandu, pay our bills.”

According to RIA News”residents from all regions of Moldova arrived in Chisinau to protest, but not everyone was able to get there – many were stopped by the police at the entrances to the city.

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Against rising prices the inhabitants of the Czech Republic also spoke. Thousands of people gathered in the center of Prague on March 11 under the slogan “Czech Republic Against Poverty”. The protesters sharply criticized the country’s government, demanded to stop inflation and the ongoing rise in prices.

They also called for an end to the conflict in Ukraine. After the rally, several hundred participants went to the building of the National Museum and tried to get inside in order to remove the flag of Ukraine.

As a result, special forces arrived at the scene, clashes began between the demonstrators and the security forces. Two police officers were injured and 18 protesters were detained.


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