Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Krasnov accused the West of destroying Nord Stream

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, at a meeting with Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, said that the West had repeatedly threatened to destroy Nord Stream, and then cynically implemented its plan, Prime reports.

Krasnov recalled that Western countries are constantly stick to policy of “double standards”.

“The pinnacle of aggression and cynicism was their public position on recent malicious actions against the Nord Stream gas pipelines. First, they announced their intention to destroy this infrastructure, then they did not really try to hide their actions to destroy it, and in the end they blame Russia for sabotage. Agree, complete schizophrenia, and massive,” said the Prosecutor General.

Krasnov stressed that in the face of mass provocations and the spread of disinformation, it is very valuable that Vietnam remains a friend of Russia.


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