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Heavy trucks that have accumulated on the territory of North Ossetia waiting to enter Georgia through the checkpoint in Upper Lars have become a source of problems for residents not only with road traffic.

Residents of Vladikavkaz, in particular, complain that trucks with fuel are accumulating on the road within the capital of the republic. Today, August 11, in 30-degree heat, firefighters hose down an overheated propane tank to prevent a fire.

As reported EADaily drivers of trucks standing in line in Vladikavkaz, cars are standing on the roads of North Ossetia, starting from the administrative border with Kabardino-Balkaria.

“A big traffic jam on the Gizel highway. The problem with the traffic jam on the border between Russia and Georgia is already causing problems for the residents of the villages closest to Vladikavkaz,” – betrays the public “state of emergency Vladikavkaz”.

The Federal Customs Service said yesterday that Upper Lars is currently one of the busiest checkpoints on the Russian border. Every minute for entry and exit it is crossed by one car, and every two minutes – by one truck.

One of the reasons for traffic jams, specify in the Federal Customs Service, difficult climatic conditions. Heavy rains, snow, resulting in mudflows and avalanches, road erosion, led to the fact that the total downtime since the beginning of 2022 was more than 40 days.

The formation of queues is also affected by the excess bandwidth. According to the passport of Upper Lars, it is 170 trucks, 200 cars and 30 buses per day. And the actual today is 890 trucks and 2833 cars on average per day. This is 5.2 times higher than the capacity for freight and 14 times for cars. And since the removal of restrictions on the movement of citizens (since May 18) – by 17.3 times, the customs office specified.

Most often, the checkpoint is crossed by cars registered on the territory of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan). Such cars, in accordance, are not subject to mandatory customs declaration when moving across the customs border of the EAEU.

To speed up the movement of heavy trucks that are subject to customs control, three additional parking areas are used – one for exit (170 parking spaces) and two for entry (in total 300 parking spaces) outside the borders of the Verkhniy Lars checkpoint.

Since July 11, 12 additional traffic lanes have been introduced for passenger vehicles in the direction of leaving the Russian Federation. The North Caucasus Customs Administration initiated the acceleration of work on the construction and commissioning of similar 12 lanes in the entry direction.

“North Ossetian customs is working in an enhanced mode, but newly approaching cars are constantly replenishing the queue. On average, there are about 1,500-1,700 newly arrived cars and 500 trucks per day,” Customs said in a statement.

Citizens planning a trip to Georgia, as well as to the countries bordering Georgia (Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan), which they plan to get to by crossing Upper Lars, should take into account that its capacity is limited, customs officials warn.

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