Social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram suddenly stopped working on Monday night across the world. This problem came to the fore around 9 pm on Monday night. Now all these messaging apps have started working again, but the reason for its downing has not been revealed yet.

During the outage, people were not able to send or receive messages. According to outage tracking company, more than 80,000 users filed complaints with WhatsApp and more than 50,000 with Facebook. While Facebook and Instagram users could not update the news feed, WhatsApp users could not send any messages. 5xx on whatsapp and domain name system error in facebook.

Facebook owns all three of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. After the service stopped, Facebook has said that some people are having trouble using the app. We apologize for this. Soon this problem will be fixed. At the same time, in a statement issued by WhatsApp on social media, it has been said that we know that some people are facing problems at this time. We are working to get things back to normal and will let you know as soon as possible. thank you for your patience.

Significantly, there are 53 crore users of WhatsApp, 41 crores of Facebook and 21 crores of Instagram in India.

Facebook shares fell 5.5 percent
Facebook’s server down has also affected its company’s stock. Due to this, the share of Facebook saw a decline of up to 5.5 percent. Which is heading towards its worst performance in a year.

memes on twitter
After the downing of social media sites Facebook, there was a barrage of memes on Twitter. Talking about people’s memes, a user has shared a video while sharing the meme, in which a lot of crowd is visible. Sharing this video, the user wrote in the caption, After Instagram and WhatsApp are down, all social media users are coming to Twitter. Another user has shared another video, in which it can be seen that a boy is swinging with great pleasure and there is a fire near him. While sharing this video, he has shown that the boy who is swinging is Twitter and the people standing near the fire are WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.



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